March 30, 2011

March 30, 2011

March 30, 2011

March 9, 2011


Spectrum 1km

March 8, 2011

Shown as part of the Catalyst Arts members show.

March 31, 2009



March 17, 2009


March 17, 2009


March 17, 2009

After my last show that dealt with using repetitive formula to create visual imagery that was then converted into audio, I choose to concentrate on pure visual elements this time.
I filmed at a low level at a busy market in Belfast city Centre at Christmas time. I reduced the footage down to a thin line as which makes the content harder to decipher though not impossible. This was to create a pattern that has no set formula to creation only the dimensions and scale of the footage was in my control.
The footage, which was filmed in front of a bright yellow council bin contrasting well with the walkers, that mostly was in denim.

The installation will consist of a suspended block of acetate tubes encased in 2 black blocks has 3 projections projecting the same film footage on to them, as the viewer circles the object they create further silhouettes on the object. The reason I choose to leave one side with out being projected onto was to enable the viewer to have an un disrupted focal point.
When I exhibit the work in a couple of weeks I will also film the side that is free from projection and have this showing on a flat screen turning the complex pattern created within the tubing structure to 2D that is interrupted by the viewer

Conceptually with this work I want the viewer to initially feel part of the installation due to the size of the gallery it is unlikely that any one person will see both the object and the outcome unaltered by human presence. I am hoping in relation to my original proposal that as the viewers react to the situation they will see their presence being an imperfection within the visual set up. I am hoping on opening night when there is a higher volume of viewers that at times the object ( the acetate tubes) will be almost completely unilumanated as all three projectors will by blocked by presence.
The work is related to social pattern if we are to treat the flat screen out come as a solo living identity which reacted to social situation it like many a person goes into darkness when confront by the presence of over crowding , reflecting intimidation confrontation shyness etc. Though when the space is reacting with little or no presence the screen emits light in a more comfortable manor. The work could also be related to revolt, bullying as the viewers have control as to how the flat screen functions.

The images I have shown are from the trial I did in Catalyst for the gallery version I will have the tubes within wooden more rigid casing and also the flat screen with the overall pattern that the tubing creates.


November 26, 2008